ND Mini Camp

Led by our distinguished faculty, ND Mini Camp is a five-day program will follow the major themes of the naturopathic medicine curriculum, offering participants a combination of presentations and hands-on experiences for participants to learn about anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, and the different therapies used in naturopathic medicine. Individuals considering a degree in Naturopathic Medicine and anyone interested in learning more about naturopathic medicine are invited to join us for ND Camp at the Kenmore campus. Please note that ND Mini Camp has been suspended due to COVID-19. If you would like updates when the camp is resumed, please email Kate Dawes at kdawes@www.wuxijuhui.com.


PD School

Parkinson's Disease Summer School will be offered at Bastyr's Kenmore campus. This unique "school," facilitated by Dr. Laurie Mischley, a distinguished Parkinson's researcher and physician, will provide Parkinson's patients the opportunity to learn more about strategies that can improve their health outcomes through personalized testing, classroom instruction, interactive sessions, and more. For more details about this program and to register, click here.


Summer Courses

Our Summer Science Course series offers courses that many students need in preparation for programs here at Bastyr and other schools. Many are offered in an intensive format for added convenience. 


Naturopathic Medicine Summer-Start Option

Our new Naturopathic Medicine can get a jumpstart on their studies by taking some of their Fall Quarter course load in Summer Quarter instead. For more details, click here.


Massage Intensive

Through a partnership with Bellevue Massage School, current Bastyr University students can sign up for a 11-week Summer Massage Intensive that prepares them for massage therapy licensure. For information on this school, click here.